The past two weeks have been stressful.

I contracted a nasty cold that I still haven't fully recovered from, this lasted pretty much a full week, time in which I achieved very little.  The following week was of course taken up with catching up on activities, and trying to deal with the overbearing feelings of dread that have been creeping into my brain as time rapidly moves forward.

It's hard to describe quite how fast time seems to be moving for me.  Obviously it is moving at the exact same rate as for everyone else, but I feel like I handed my notice in yesterday when in actual fact two whole weeks have passed.

The thought of having only two weeks left of gainful employment isn't too much of a hardship, but in the past two weeks I have booked my flights and accommodation.  I have made this whole trip somewhat more real for myself, and I am now aware that I only have three weeks left in this country.  A much more daunting prospect.

My first flight is on Sunday March 8th 2015, at 06:45.

It goes to Rome.  Then I change plane, sleep a lot and end up in proper destination number 1; Osaka, Japan the following morning (local time).  I have 4 nights in Osaka, and on the days in between I will be investigating Osaka itself, and neighbouring Nara, and Kyoto before hopping on a train to Tokyo.

Two days, and three nights later I will be on another plane, leaving from Tokyo in the direction of Hong Kong.

Not one to hang around, with only two days in Hong Kong under my belt I'll be on my final (for now) flight, this time via Kuala Lumpur, eventually touching down in Melbourne.  Australia at last.

Last post I mentioned that I have to be in Australia before I'm 30.

I turn 30 on March 24th.

I land in Melbourne on March 20th.