Bear Naming

I became unemployed on Friday.  It was my choice, as I'm sure you're all aware, and I won't dwell on the matter so you don't get too jealous.

My (former) colleagues went to great lengths decorating the office, providing food and generally making me feel loved.  I cannot express my gratitude enough!

Part of the celebrations included the introduction of a travelling companion; a small, purple bear who has a habit of flashing bright colours when violently attacked.

Here's a picture of the little scamp.


This loveable creature will accompany me on my travels and be photographed from time to time along my journey.  You'll be able to keep up with our adventures by following me on Instagram.

The thing is though, my new companion is currently nameless.  My initial thought was to aptly name it Bruce.  In the interest of community spirit however, I thought I'd give the world a chance to name the bear.

I recently posted a vague request for name ideas on Facebook and was presented with a much larger response than anticipated.  I have whittled the list down to my five favourite entries, and added my own "Bruce" idea so now I present them in a poll format of you to vote upon.

You can vote for multiple names if you so desire.  The poll runs until Wednesday March 4th at 15:30 GMT.  The chosen name will be announced in an official capacity sometime after that.

Name That Bear
Pompey Le Pomplemousse
Justin Sider
Poll Maker

So there you go.  Vote away, and name my travelling companion.