Love Letter

To my dearest Bed,

As I write this letter to you I feel empty and alone, my day was spent longing for your warm embrace.  As I left our bedroom this morning for work I took one last glance in your direction, you were peaceful, and oh so inviting, all I wanted was to curl up with you once more.  I was pained as I stepped through the doorway, leaving behind those beautifully plump pillows, my thoughts were swamped with images of your Swedish elegance, duvet draped seductively across your perfect frame.  From head to foot your beauty truly exceeds the finest of Queens.

My love, I cannot express my feelings for you enough, you comfort me in times of need, the warmth you bring me deters the coldest of winters, every hour I’m with you I feel refreshed, energised once again.  Without you my life would be a waking nightmare.

I know that there are times we are apart, for me they are hard, cold and uncomforting, but suffering through them only makes me realise how strong our connection is.  A connection I am confident will become stronger with every night spent together.

It makes me happy that our lives are spent together and I thank you for the love you offer, for the support you give me when I am weary, and for taking me to places one can only dream of.

Yours forever,