The car alarm sounded, loud and violently as Mike ambled, carelessly past the vacant vehicle.  The sound didn’t surprise him, he hadn’t been bothered by this type of thing since the outbreak, it was quite commonplace for people to ignore these general disturbances.  The car had probably been abandoned by someone fearing for their life.  The window had been smashed.  There was a smear of dried blood on the steering wheel.

This failed to distract Mike, he had more pressing matters on his mind.  He was looking for someone.

The army had arrived a week ago, charging through the panicked streets in tanks and other heavily armoured vehicles.  A huge convoy of evacuees had paraded past derelict skyscrapers and empty shop fronts.  The passengers still terrified despite their relative safety.

Still, Mike knew that there must be that one soul left.  He had hunted all that week despite the dwindling of general hubbub and fear.  He hadn’t heard a scream or the scuffle of hurried feet.  But he knew.  There must be one.  The one he longed for.

He must have wandered the entire city in the past few days.  He was tired and hungry.  At one point he’d been so hungry that he’d tried gnawing the arm of one of the lifeless bodies strewn at the side of the road.  It was clean, rot free and not walking so he’d known it wasn’t one of the infected.  It still tasted worse than he could imagine.

Days passed slowly.  Nights passed slower.  Mike was nearing the end of his time.  He was weak, his legs could barely hold his weight.  They buckled with every step.

Mike shuffled his pathetic body into the shelter of a nearby, empty clothes store.  Broken glass was scattered across the floor, racks of tattered garments were strewn across the ground.  He stumbled over the carcass of a cash register.  Falling to the ground he heard the crack of bone as his arm bent beneath his weight.  He was at an end.  And then he saw, in the corner, huddled under the cashier’s counter, shaking with fear, grubby and under-nourished.

The girl was small, young, helpless, but alive.  He’d found her.  Mike crawled towards her, slowly, deliberately, his quest was over.  He’d found the one that remained.

The final human.

The last feed.